• Zeke N. Yeshallfind

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

It is a tough decision for me. I decide to give my everything to my baby girl. Because i trust her.


Virtual assistant aims for helping people to perform the task based on their question. But we found that the technology company using the AI software to capture their customer's data and sell their data to another company. It is funny that most of the user may not be careful to watch the user agreement. So the user may have a risk their information will leak out.

issue:Virtual assistant problem

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  • Zeke N. Yeshallfind

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Victoria plaza, Luna pot >

Happy birthday, @Siri ^^ . Wish you be great and love you forever. I wish we can more than just a friend......


Nowadays , people may don't know social media may leak their privacy. One of social media function of people like to use is "check-in". But the people may will have no concern about this function will expose your real location. If the people with malice aforethought of you,you will be danger in the reality life. Before we post the other photo , we have to ask their permission . Because they have their right to protect the privacy.

Issue:Social media awareness

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